Where Have I Been?

Not that I have a ton of followers, yet, but here’s and answer for those who will one day follow this blog.

💼In short, life has been going a little crazy. I volunteer full time and work, not at all. My wonderful husband lovingly supports our small family however I had an amazing job opportunity come up for me to have flexible hours, still volunteer which I love, spend time with my family and be able to contribute to our finances.

📚I’ve also been reading a lot. Check out my Reviews section (coming soon) of some of the books I’ve read and my thoughts. There’s also a link to my GoodReads account so you can see where I get inspiration and what I plan on reading next.

🔱Updates on Son’s of Atlantis: I received some conservative criticism which I was very thankful for and so have changed some things around. Chapters 1 and 2 have been revamped and once I have the final edits done they will be added and I have also added some chapters (I’m currently working on chapter 7) and once those edits are done, I will be releasing them on a monthly basis again… as long as life stays calm! 😂

🎧Oh oh, ok so here’s another thing I am potentially working on. An audio version of the book. People are so busy right now, obviously I speak from experience, and it can be too difficult to sit down and read (which is probably the saddest thing ever to me but we must move on) and so I have done some initially recordings of the first 3 chapters. Again, working on it doing final edits and hopefully I will be able to release an audio version of the chapters along with the written chapters.

🙏Thank you so reading and stay tuned!!

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