What’s Happening?

The answer: so much!

So for an update, I am eagerly awaiting December 21st when I will be re-releasing chapters 1 and 2 of Sons of Atlantis.

With the help of my supportive family there have been major rewrites allowing for greater character development and a more fluid storyline.

I am beyond excited! And to show you how excited I am, below is an excerpt of Chapter 1 to get everyone else just as excited!

I’m losing daylight and at this point, I’m losing patience. Where have all the fish been? This is my fourth day in a row out on this blasted boat and I haven’t seen a single ripple. I’d been hearing talk from the local mariners that there was a Wannapaign in the area. Wannapaigns are a legendary breed of fish that the locals believed still dwell in the nearby waters. Wannapaigns are notorious for their insatiable appetites, hunting anything that moves and their colossal size. The mariners were terrified of them. They are rumored to come from the fiery depths causing their tails to be made of fire that even the ocean cannot put out. According to the legends I heard as a child, few have encountered a Wannapaign and lived. They are said to hunt with their massive fangs made of the swords from the mighty warriors who tried to hunt them and failed.Legends and stories.They have always captivated me with their shrouds of mystery hidden behind shreds of truth. I’d never admit it, but I believe every one of them. Kyria would slap me on the arm and tell me to grow up if she heard me saying that. But maybe the Wannapaign is the reason I’m having such a difficult time catching anything. It’s probably eaten every living thing in the area. I’ve heard from the mariners that they won’t set an oar anywhere near here until they were sure the Wannapaign has gone. Some of the smarter mariners have chalked it up to the possibility that one lone fisherman is reaping all the benefits of an empty sea to himself. But I’m here now and don’t see anything, fish or beast. Still, it doesn’t really matter what I or the mariners think. If I don’t catch something soon, I will have to subject myself to more of Kyria’s ill-advised kindness.

Only 4 more days until the re-release!!

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