Some Backround

You have no idea how bust-out-of-my-skin excited I am for the re-release of chapters 1 and 2 of Sons of Atlantis. I have been working really hard trying to “button-up” the dialog, the details and so much more.
Although this is a fantasy story based in a far off world I have used a lot of real life locations as inspiration for the locales in the story.

Our story takes place on the ficitional island of Sarochori. It is located in the North Atlantikos region and is one of the poorest areas in Atlantis. Even with its lack of wealth and less than appealing inhabitants, the beaches are beautiful.
The location was modeled after parts of Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The landscape there is quite beautiful and the beaches are breathtaking.

Below are a few photos of the area of Sardinia. 

Only 5 more days for the re-release!!! 🎉

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