Will I Ever Post on Time? 🕰

The short answer: I hope to one day live up to that standard!

The Situation: Basically life is chaotic and in order to survive you’ve just gotta go with it sometimes… Work has been consuming a lot of my time. That and “The Sickness” (AKA Flu and colds) has been camped out in my immediate surroundings for the past few Workingmonths. Thankfully I am not getting whatever virus has been spreading itself throughout the community however those around me have been meaning a lot of time spent nursing others.
Then there’s the endless amount of chores that pile up for someone who is already struggling to meet deadlines of all types.

The Solution: Longer periods of time between chapters… I know, not the most ideal solution. However, until I can get caught up I feel like setting a more attainable goal is better than falling short of the too high expectation I have set for myself. Every once in a while, when things are getting a little out of control you just have to sit down and re-evaluate what your goals are and what is preventing you from attaining them. More than likely you are the reason your goals are out of reach, whether it be because you aren’t putting forth the effort required to meet those goals (while still maintaining your current responsibilities) or because the goal was too high to begin with. No one wakes up one day and says, “I’m going to climb Mount Everest!” and actually accomplishes that goal unless they have prepared and trained.

Image result for mount everest
Photo Credit: Easyturn 

Sure, someone who has never climbed a mountain in their life could jump on a plane to Nepal, strap on a backpack, grab some ropes and start hiking the mountain trail. But do you think they will reach the summit… ever? More than likely, no. They will face too many obstacles and the biggest one will be themselves, the unprepared, untrained “I-Can-Do-Anything” hiker.
Life can be our Everest and it takes preparedness and training in order to get through it successfully. There will still be obstacles… I mean, you are trying to climb Mount Everest! But taking the time to set and achieve attainable goals with Mount Everest (or life) being your ultimate result, you hopefully will not be one of them.


What’s the New Timeframe?: Chapters will now be posted on the last day of every month. That will give me some more time to hopefully be on time from now on.

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