Coming Soon… 📖

Two words:


As mentioned before on my “Why Am I Here?” Page I, from time to time have vivid story-like dreams with partial plots, compelling characters and complex issues to be solved.

Similar to my sharing the sons of Atlantis series which all stemmed from a dream, I will soon start posting these short stories so you can enjoy them from beginning to end without having to wait every month to see where the characters go and what happens. I’ve heard from some that it can be a little frustrating having to wait so long in between postings, so hopefully this will help “feed the beast” so to speak in between postings of my longer story.

Like the the story I’ve been posting, they will all be fantasies, I mean come on they’re from dreams!

The first story will be about…

Mermaids – Yep! 🧜🏻‍♀️

I’m really excited about it! Mermaids are my favorite fantasy creature. So stay tuned for my upcoming short story!

1 thought on “Coming Soon… 📖”

  1. That sounds amazing I love reading your story with coffee I’m the morning now I’ll get something while I’m waiting eagerly for the next chapter. Love your work.


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