Something A Little Different – 🤔


So my husband has recently become an avid Podcast listener. He started with Audiodramas and has moved on to true crime and really anything that can hold his attention for longer than 15 minutes. His brother is pretty into them also and because they talk about them so much, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of Podcasts.

Well, one day Husband was talking to me about this one he is listening to, perhaps you’ve heard of it, “Mission to Zyxx”.
It’s an improve, science fiction, comedy podcast full of characters and he laughs pretty much non-stop when he listens to it.
Anyways, he was talking about it and pretty much all the conversations he and I have or he and his brother have or all three of us together are similar to the random rants that make the show so funny.
He then had an idea… 💡… Why don’t we make our own podcast? With spunky, funny characters that are weirdly relatable.
And you guessed it, another writing project I have been working on.

Thank goodness I love to write so it’s been a lot of fun. I also don’t write comedy and typically I am a funny person so I don’t really know why I didn’t start writing comedy before. The idea is that the Podcast will be mostly improv with the exceptions of specific plot points.

The story takes place in the future and centers on co-workers at an intergalactic insurance company. Each episode will follow the crazy characters in their quest to insure the universe and file claims throughout the galaxy. All while riding in their Space Wagon GT5000 that always seems to end up in the repair shop.

We are hoping to get the rest of season 1 written up and then begin recording. I’m really looking forward to doing something different and a little outside of my comfort zone.
My husband, brother-in-law and myself will be providing the voices for the main characters. I am not a huge fan of my speaking voice so that will be weird but we will see how it goes.
I will be releasing the podcast along with original concept art to my site.
Check back for the release information!

Really looking forward to it!

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