Why Am I Here?

If you’ve gotten this far then you have stumbled on to something interesting.

I really enjoy writing stories and believe it or not, a lot of my stories come from my vivid dreams. Which stem from my overactive imagination and love of the Fantasy genre. 

I grew up on Disney Movies and fairy tales. I frequently played pretend and made up stories in my head. Some of my stories have been exciting, some boring, some sad. I have only shared them with a brief few until now. Like anyone with access to the internet naturally does, I started this site to promote my stories in a non-in-your-face kind of way. 

I will be writing portions of my stories in forms of chapters. Each set will be titled with their “book” title and then be followed by the chapters. My goal is to have one new chapter per month per story. If I can do more that would be great however, life.

So, happy reading. 

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My Genres are Fantasy, Young Adult, Mystery,  Science Fiction, Thriller and Historical Fiction. 

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