Vacation… is needed

No matter how I seem to schedule and and plan and budget out time, I can't see to stick to releasing new chapters regularly. Work has been regularly busy which is a good thing. I have also been busy with my volunteering. And lastly, our small social circle has had a lot of milestones happen… Continue reading Vacation… is needed


Sons of Atlantis – Chapter 1

Pronunciation Guide NeriNear-eeSarochoriSarah-KoryMegheraMeg-ear-ahKyriaKye-ree-ahWannapaignWon-ah-pain PakipikaPak-ah-peek-ah Chapter 1 Neri It’s about midday and the sun will be making its descent in a few hours. I’ve been sitting on this stupid dinghy of a boat all day with nothing to show for it yet. I mean, I can’t help that this boat is near useless. The only means I… Continue reading Sons of Atlantis – Chapter 1


Some Backround

Some background on the real life place that inspired locations for Sons if Atlantis.