Updates 📰

It's only 4 days into the new year and it's been insane! My secular work (you know, the kind that actually helps you feed your family, pays for your car, etc.) has been pretty busy. It's definitely a good thing yet at times can be a little overwhelming with my other responsibilities/activities. I was able… Continue reading Updates 📰


Sons of Atlantis – Chapter 1

Pronunciation Guide NeriNear-eeSarochoriSarah-KoryMegheraMeg-ear-ahKyriaKye-ree-ahWannapaignWon-ah-pain PakipikaPak-ah-peek-ah Chapter 1 Neri It’s about midday and the sun will be making its descent in a few hours. I’ve been sitting on this stupid dinghy of a boat all day with nothing to show for it yet. I mean, I can’t help that this boat is near useless. The only means I… Continue reading Sons of Atlantis – Chapter 1